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What our Anglers say

This is my pole caught carp weighing 12lb 8oz my biggest so far! which i caught on the 3rd of may 2009 using sweetcorn. Me and my husband use your fishery regular and really enjoy the fishing there,the fish are in lovely condition.

Lydell Saint


The London Youth Games Semi Final June 2009

Results of Saturdays London Youth Games semi final:
1st Hillingdon 98:13:0 M Chipping 26:3:0, C Tanner 21:12:0, G Miller 50:14
2nd Haringey 36:2:0 L Lloyd 13:14:0, B Monk 22:4:0
3rd Barking & Dagenham 24:8:0 T Dennehy10:0:0, B Canser 14:8:0
4th Waltham Forest 10:10:0 J Grimmer 3:0:0, D Goodchild 7:10:0
5th Hounslow 9:0:0 B Knight 0:0:0, J Hawksworth 6:4:0, C Johnson 2:12:0

Top five out of 9 teams go through to the final.

Article written for Balfour Beatty London youth games with association of boys' clubs

Brook Farm Fishery, Navestock. Essex's Premier Fishing Venue Hosted this years qualifier for the 5th year running - using 24 pegs.

A brilliant days sport was had by all the young participants from Essex and surrounding counties, breaking two records in the process.

Winner Jake Marshall of Croydon exceeded his own record, and that of the lakes with a winning weight of 129lb -15oz.
in a five hour match, which would have done his England Youth prospects a power of good.
He used method feeder and dead maggot fishing just off the island and bagged 3 carp within the first 15 minutes.
The fish were coming fast and furious and it called for a mid match weigh in of 67lb 12oz. In the second half Jake's tactics were to use a 13m pole and pellet which gave him his record winning weight.
With younger brother Ross in his team, who rarely fishes and Thomas Barnard taking the next two spots using pole and pellet, Croydon amassed a record breaking total weight of 261lb 12oz.

Barking & Dagenham's team comprising of Billy Gander,Maurice Brown and Tyler Dennehey, amassed a total weight of 119lb 12 oz , so congratulations to them on second place.

Enfield's team was James Geowecan,Thomas Cowell,and Harry Blackmore. total weight 92lb 8oz.

Redbridge's team was Charlie Copplestone , Jourdane Saberone, and Luke Lambimore with a weight of 56lb 4oz

Results: 1 J Marshall, Croydon 129-15-0; 2 R Marshall, Croydon 72-7-0; 3 T Barnard, Croydon 59-6-0;
4 M Brown, Barking & Dagenham 54-6-0; 5 C Copplestone, Redbridge 39-9-0; 6 T Dennenhy, Barking & Dagenham 39-4-0;

Qualifying Teams: 1 Croydon 261-12-0; 2 Barking & Dagenham 119-12-0; 3 Enfield 92-8-0; 4 Redbridge 56-4-0.

Lets hope our Essex teams do well in the final!

Charity Events

Brook Farm Fishery has held many Charity and Youth Games events over the years:

  • Cancer Research
  • London Youth Games
  • Essex Association of Boys Clubs
  • London Heathrow Youth Games

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