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Fishing Tips & Advice

Fishing tips for Brook Farm Fishery by Chris Tea. Fishing coach.

November – March

In winter brook farm still fishes well even in the colder months silver fish and carp still feed well on maggot, caster, corn, worms.

Tactics, float, feeder, pole all produce fish long range for feeder 1m away from island with corn or maggot. waggler 15m – 25m in open water. pole fish close in with micro pellet. corn still works even in winter maggot and caster for silverfish 3m to 12m.

April – October

Pole fish margins with pellet and paste 3m to 11m. i find that liquidising my pellets into a powder then make the paste, using the same pellets for feed and paste really works well. corn meat bread will still catch well. for skimmers, roach, perch, tench, casters also maggot, corn worms over ground bait. feeder the method feeder catches a lot of carp in open water and near the island again 2m away from the island.

Waggler close in and halfway across feeding 4m to 6m pellet. pellet wagler 18 inches deep sprayig pellet. banded pellet, hair riiged pellet, 6m 8m 15m 25m into open water.

The day we spent there, the sun was shining and surface baits seemed to be working well. Indeed, a nice little common obliged and was caught for the camera no more than 5 minutes after we'd arrived!

Pellets are proving the downfall for many fish, simple rigs with light flat sided leads accounting for a good number of fish recently. Small high attracts boilies, fished over a light scattering of pellets will account for a lot of fish here.

Depths average between 4 and 14 feet, there are no real snags as such and the main feature is obviously the island. There is certainly margin action to be had, especially in the left hand corner of the lake.

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